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We promote agroecological management of livestock

Do the experts in the production of the different categories say that we need to technify ourselves, how necessary is the technification?

The issue of technification for the agricultural sector has always been a necessity and will continue to follow the different norms of international bodies that ensure human health. The European Union and the United States have their own, Asian countries alike, and Latin American and Caribbean countries, as do Africans and Australians.

There have also been issues of competitiveness, performance and productivity, logically it is possible to implement them, but that depends on a factor such as information, market, price and from the point of view of the producer, the possibilities of financing, but also what guarantee the producer has to be able to sell at prices that can be paid for the cost of the technology and therefore the interests of the financing.

There are other factors that have emerged recently, such as climate change…

In Nicaragua, and specifically in Matagalpa, how is technology applied in production?

In our case we are still located in technological segments that are in the process of development throughout the country, logically there are several ways there, the technologies that propose certain norms where the conventional is combined, other technologies that are more complex, but that are more beneficial both for food and health as for the environment, and there are several approaches that range from traditional agriculture, organic agriculture and organic agriculture or organic livestock, and lately a combination between traditional agriculture and organic agriculture., better known as agroecology.

The technology has not been an issue in our case as UNAG, that we worry so much, but what we are seeing is what you think the producer about the costs of such technology and more now that the costs are raised by the problems of availability of water, not only for consumption but also for production.

There are technologies that large and medium producers have the potential to implement, but there are also technical alternatives that only small producers have been able to develop.

Are technologies necessary or not?

They are necessary, but we must be open and comprehensive in order to incorporate all approaches and not discriminate against a product just because it does not strictly meet a standard in technology, which is not within the financial or economic possibilities for a producer or a producer sector.

We promote agroecological management of livestock
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