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Technology in construction in XXI

The great boom as one of the most outstanding activities of the 21st century; the construction that under Urban foundations creates solutions for the distribution of Housing and the best method of Transport for citizens who deserve a faster and more helpful life is increasingly using better methods for large and high skyscrapers, bridges and roads among other constructions for social benefit.

Among the people we find responsible for these changes for our good we find the civil engineer, who is responsible for doing the mathematical calculations and choosing part of the material that will be used to guarantee the solidity of the structure. The Architect is the person who plays one of the most important roles, since he is the one who designs the aesthetic part of the structure; and thus leads the staff to obtain the best possible results based on their study of architecture.

Both the architect and the Civil Engineer use the newest technology to achieve better results in their constructions and in which we can highlight new materials that speed the work by being technologically predisigned. This is where technology plays a very important role, with its development we get faster and higher and higher buildings where we can accommodate more people who would otherwise occupy more of the valuable space available.

Today we can see pictures of incredible constructions that embellish our amazement to see how incredible their arrogant and incredible designs can become. And all this is possible for better use and development of technology.

Technology in construction in XXI
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