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Measuring social value and impact

In recent years, diverse and varied studies have emerged that have tried to give substance to the concept of social value and even more to provide it with consistency in the face of its recognition by each and every one of the social actors. It is not easy since, the measurement of intangibles does not have an exact quantification but, without doubt, to this day nobody questions or doubts, the contribution of value that they give to the entities, companies, administrations, etc.

It is, in the case of the third sector, where this assessment is made even more necessary if it is not exclusive of them only since the administration, the ordinary company, the consumer and the civil society are also parties involved and responsible for the Contribution of social value. The activities carried out within the third sector have in its entirety an important social contribution and it is for this very reason that the need to know the efficiency in relation to its social contribution is necessary condition in order to be able to direct and to accompany AR, not only to the development of the sector but also to the public administration and the business fabric.

One of the problems facing our society is the ignorance of the social value contributed by each of the actors that make it up. Today it seems to have no discussion as necessary and opportune to generate social value in order to achieve greater goals such as justice, equity, community development, welfare, etc., however, we do not know what is the capacity of Generate it and even less, if we generate leveraging and getting the most out of the resources we apply.

Society therefore needs a system that measures social value and, in turn, allows it to identify its generation; Quantify and solve your recovery. This value, comparable to the added value of economic processes, must be identified at its origin and destination in order that we can really talk about its recovery and introduction back into the process continuously.
But as we mentioned earlier and after the points that will be discussed later, the current situation is of total indefinition. It is true that there are reports called common and popularly “social balances” but on the other hand they are very far from what you would really expect from a document with that name. Likewise, there are social audits that, not being all of them agreed by the parties involved, are also elaborated. But in both cases, none of these tools is really useful to help the knowledge of the generation of social value, the communication and the transparency of the generated value and, consequently, for the recovery of it.
The need to identify, quantify, provide value, recover and reintroduce the social value provided, finds many different reasons to the extent that their knowledge can be used in very diverse ways such as:

The social value as a system of control of the internal management and the deep knowledge of the social management of an entity whatever its juridical nature. The efficiency of social entities, of public administration or of companies cannot be measured without taking into account efficiency as a generator of social value.
Social entities and public administrations, given their social character
They present an even greater need than in the case of companies.
To solve this need for knowledge the ideal tool is the “Balance
Social “that, even working on a group of values, allows to come up with a single result of the same without failing to allow the analysis of the items and the use of specific ratios that provide more information. Information, which on the other hand, has to allow the management of the generation of social value to be adapted in order to achieve the planned objectives, at the same time as a correct application of the resources.

The social value as a system for evaluating the performance of an investment. In order to attract investment to projects with a high generation of social value, the investor must be given information that will allow him to know what the performance of the project should be. Hardly an entrepreneur can be placed as a company in front of an investment, without conducting an analysis of the recovery of this. The company therefore needs to be able to dump in its system the social value in form and way to be compatible with the systems of calculation and data with which it works when making decisions. The social value also has to recover, because this is the only way to reintroduce it into the system and continue to generate more social value, it is a productive cycle.

Measuring social value and impact
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