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Incorporate innovative irrigation technology for livestock breeding

This was reported by the secretariat of COPADE, the provincial authority for science and technology, after receiving this week the resolution of the Cofectyt announcing the sending of funds corresponding to the Federal productive innovation projects line (PFIP), after having endorsed the presentation of this initiative, promoted by the undersecretary of production of the province.

” It is a project that completes what is being developed within the framework of the forage Dynamization program that is being carried out from different areas of the Ministry of production and Industry and that has added to the production during 2018, 280 new hectares, planted with forage species such as alfalfa, mijo, vicia, raigas and festuca, ” said the undersecretary of production, Amalia Sapag.

The general objective of the project is to increase the area under irrigation in an efficient and lasting way through the development and implementation of a pressurized irrigation system-called underground drip irrigation (RGS)- as an alternative to the natural limitant present in the region: aridity of the regional environment and consequent low availability of water for irrigation.

The beneficiaries of this project are Rural Development Associations, development commissions, municipalities and independent livestock producers who incorporate technology into their production and are responsible for monitoring, maintaining and monitoring it, as well as the fodder Directorate, the agriculture and livestock Directorate and its agency and regional system.

The activities they intend to carry out as part of this project will be carried out in three stages. The first involves the selection of recipients and environments, that is to say, defining the site that meets all the necessary characteristics, according to the research carried out by the beneficiary entity about the requirements to implement the technology (soil analysis and water availability for irrigation). To do this it will perform a survey.

Once the recipients are defined to implement the underground drip irrigation, the necessary technological equipment will be incorporated and training will be carried out in facilities and use.

Incorporate innovative irrigation technology for livestock breeding
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