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Ethics as a creation of value in the company

A first point is to say that it is very important to train people who are going to be social, business, public leaders, and that is a work that starts in early childhood and is reinforced in the university. Consonant messages are required, and what is happening in society is rather that there is much dissonance.

So it makes it even harder for the formation of ethical awareness in young students, and it is more complicated later in college to work it out.

I am a professor of ethics and citizenship and in one of the classes there was a very interesting debate because one of the students said: “Professor, that which you point out about discussing the subject of values is very good, but is that viable? ‘ Cause then we go out on the street and it’s something else ” There was clearly one of the best classes, because there was a good debate on the subject, but what he expressed was his concern to see this tremendous dissonance of values that we are living in Peruvian society.

In the case of Lava Jato the key is going to be when we see important people in the country who were also engaged. One can accept that they are people of second order that out there “fell “, but when they are the leaders, then it is from the head that the thing is malfunctioning. And that’s what’s going to be more demoralizing.

There is a lot of work to be done, in the consolidation of values from a consonant scheme, where family, school and later University will contribute and aiming key principles when it comes to making decisions.

“Studies show that the brain has an inclination to be unethical. To survive had to benefit himself “

From the biological point of view, there are studies that show already clearly that the brain has an inclination to be unethical, it means: “If the person is in a situation where he has to choose for the good of the society, in this case of the company or the good per Sonal, choose the staff “because, evolutionaryly, to survive the human being has had to choose to benefit himself. So that makes the situation a lot more complex.

First, a company that lucratively advances but that is suspected of little transparent handling, I think it is a company destined not to last long.

Ethics as a creation of value in the company
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